Baroque Collection Hardwood Flooring

Baroque Collection Hardwood Flooring

There is a feel and flavor that is captured in hardwood floors that can’t be duplicated by any other flooring option. HF Design understands this and that understanding is evidenced in their baroque Collection. Floors are far too often the one aspect of home decor that is overlooked. There are many other benefits aside from the aesthetic appeal of hardwood floors, as many others who have chosen hardwood flooring in Houston have discovered. Those practical benefits and the beauty of hardwood flooring is perfectly combined in the Baroque Collection.

This engineered collection comes in five colors: Forli, Lazio, Russo, Marche and Palma, see above. Each color offers its own feel of antiquity blended with that classic beauty of the acclaimed Renaissance Era adding style and elegance to any home. Anyone seeking European oak hardwood flooring in Houston will find it with plenty of color schemes as well at HF Design. From rich, deeper colors that add depth and character or softer, lighter shades that bring a feel of vibrancy and life these colors will please the eye and bring life to your home and that room.

The natural oil finish hardwood flooring options found at HF Design offers comes standard. They bring an environmentally conscious Eco-friendly non-toxic polish to every floor, creating a healthier and happier space to live in for everyone. It doesn’t matter if it is European French oak hardwood flooring or any of these beautifully stressed hardwood flooring options, nothing but the finest standards is priority one from start to finish.

Any of these Montage Oak baroque Hardwood flooring plans are certain to exceed expectations and are also now being used to go beyond flooring. Yes, you heard that correctly. A trend becoming more popular daily is extending these magnificent impressions by creating amazing walls that have proven to enhance the beauty of rooms. The HF Design flooring experts will be more than happy to discuss these trendy new options and answer any questions about hardwood flooring you may have.

Based right here in Houston, HF Design will be there from the first step of selecting the right hardwood floor to complete the look you are after to installation and post-installation care. That’s right, providing hardwood flooring installation is just part of the job at HF Design just like ensuring you get the floor, the look and the satisfaction you seek. The floors (and now perhaps even the walls) of your home speak volumes about who lives there. The class, character and quality added through hardwood flooring is more than an investment in your home, it is an investment in what you say about yourself.

HF Design wants to deliver the right floor to the right home to create the right look and feel for each customer. With the unmatched durability, ease of maintenance and looks of hardwood flooring make the decision to go with hardwood flooring simple. Choosing from the beautiful selection of flooring options may prove to be more difficult but the end result will be the right one no matter which direction you go. Pick the deep and bold Russo for more depth and texture or the lighter Marche or Lazio colors to lighten a room and bring out more color, hardwood floors are a the right way to add practical value and visual pleasure to your home.

Baroque Collection Hardwood Flooring is a highly green hardwood flooring product and Oil finished product. Baroque Collection Hardwood Flooring samples are available in our showroom in Katy TX.  Baroque Collection Hardwood Flooring is the right flooring for you.


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