The Houston climate is very hot and humid. When installing flooring in Texas, many homeowners find that true hardwood floors have a lot of issues. The rapid expansion and contraction of the wood is the biggest issue.

Engineered Hardwood is Best

By far, engineered hardwood is the go-to choice in the area. Since the wood is not natural, the humidity has less of an effect on the expansion of the wood. While the cost of this hardwood flooring is on par or slightly less than true hardwood, the installation is often less labor intensive and costly.

Virtually all engineered wood will do the trick. One of the best is bamboo engineered wood as it’s highly durable. Bamboo hardwood flooring is also many times stronger than other hardwoods.

Second Level Issues

Many homeowners have noted that hardwood works well on the first floor of a home. When it comes to the Houston climate, the second level flooring is a major concern. Higher temperatures, moisture and humidity levels cause many homeowners in the area to choose laminate or tile flooring for the upstairs of their home.

If you want to maintain a hardwood look throughout your home, engineered hardwood is the preferred choice when not on the first floor.

Floating Hardwood

Floating hardwood requires a longer installation in most cases (when gluing is involved), but this is the preferred type for extremely humid climates. Since the wood is floating, damage to the flooring will not occur as is seen with nailed or stapled installations. The flooring is, instead, allowed to expand and contract with ease.

Glue applications are often time intensive. A snap together or click lock installation is faster and less costly than gluing down a floating floor. If you’re a DIYer, you’ll find that installing flooring that snaps together is far easier than any other installation method.

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