When it comes to eco-friendly resources, it’s hard to beat bamboo. With more than 1,000 species of this plant growing in a diverse range of climates, makers of green products use bamboo to create everything from clothing to building materials and of course, bamboo hardwood floors, and Glamour Flooring is proud to carry a wide selection. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly flooring option, there are numerous benefits to choosing bamboo flooring.

Bamboo Hardwood Floors: A Renewable Resource

Bamboo is a remarkably renewable resource. With the ability to grow as much as four feet per day, bamboo grows extremely fast and spreads easily with minimal care. It grows so quickly that its timber yield can be 20 times more than typical trees.

Bamboo trees mature and can be replanted within seven years unlike typical tree stands which take 30-50 years to mature. Because of their quick growth and maturity rate, soil conditions are improved and erosion is prevented.

And as an added bonus, a bamboo grove releases about 35 percent more oxygen than your average stand of trees and absorbs more carbon.

Strong and Durable

The durability and strength of bamboo helps minimize its environmental cost. Not only is bamboo moisture resistant, but it’s also naturally resistant to insects and is considered more stable than even oak. This eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals to preserve and maintain the flooring. It also helps ensure that your flooring lasts longer and retains its beautiful natural appearance for many years to come.

Minimal Pesticides

Because bamboo is naturally resistant to moisture, insects and bacteria, it grows with minimal need for fertilizer or pesticides. This reduces the overall environmental cost of growing bamboo and helps keep the indoor air in your home fresher and cleaner.

There are many benefits to installing bamboo hardwood floors in your home. Not only are you making an environmentally-friendly choice, but bamboo is a timeless look that will complement your home for years to come. It also happens to be a more affordable option when compared to other hardwood choices. To help protect the environment – and your wallet – consider bamboo hardwood flooring for your home.

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