Hardwood flooring differs in the type of wood used to create each plank. When talking about European flooring, you’ll find that these woods are more costly and provide a unique look. The exotic look is what attracts most buyers to European hardwood flooring.

European Hardwood Flooring Common Origins

European Oak is the most common flooring in this category. Coming from primarily France and Germany, these woods are cut very differently than in America. Using a special technique, Europeans will slow the growing cycle of the wood to provide a very tight grain. Ultimately, the planks will be much wider often measuring 7 – 10”.

Britain and Ireland are known for producing beech woods that are equally as beautiful.

The design of this wood is very unique often providing three different cuts from just one plank. This is why so many consumers have chosen to purchase the European hardwood flooring style rather than the common flooring seen in America.

When purchasing European Oaks, it’s always important to know the origin of the wood. French and German oaks are the most highly sought, but you’ll find that this particular oak can be classified European, but not come from one of these two countries.

For instance, France has two species of oak that is unique to the country. When purchasing oak from the store, you will want to ensure that the wood purchased is certified French Oak.

If you want oak from a specific country in Europe, always ensure that it is certified. Otherwise, you may be receiving wood for any country within Europe.

Italian oaks are also becoming a popular item this year. Within our collection, we have numerous oaks from Italy that come in darks, lights and traditional colors. A few of our most popular items come from:

  • Milan
  • Bari
  • Lazio
  • Abruzzo
  • Genoa

There is something for every taste and style found within these collections. With new inventory coming in often, you’ll want to call to inquire about the price and availability of our European Oaks.

For your next project or remodel, a European hardwood floor can provide your home with a unique, stunning look that can only come from Europe. Browse through our selection online, and then contact us today to get started.