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What is cabinet refinishing and installation?

When you refinish your cabinets you are stripping the existing cabinets and doors, cleaning them and then priming them so that you can refinish them. When you refinish them you can leave them the same color or change the existing color into something completely new and different in order to transform your kitchen. You can stain, whitewash or even give your cabinets a distressed, antique look. You can also paint or glaze them. The possibilities are endless.
The price to purchase new cabinets for many is astronomical. So for many refinishing, or giving your old cabinets a facelift, is often a great way to go. It’s is recommended that you seek the services of a professional when it comes to cabinet refinishing & installation. That’s because there are so many things to consider when taking down and refinishing cabinets.

When taking down and moving your cabinets the walls must be checked. In addition if there are any pipes in the area then they must be checked as well. Essentially your walls need to be waterproofed in order to protect them from splashes and spills. It also is advisable to help prevent mold.

Cabinets can be lacquered in a variety of colors to compliment and match any kitchen. Lacquer adds shine to the cabinets and it also adds a level to waterproof them. When working with wiring you need to be cognizant of any electrical issues behind the walls as well. Sometimes by adding or moving cabinets you may need to move electrical outlets and wiring. This is another reason we suggest that professional handle your cabinet refinishing & installation.
Many homeowners love the look of their kitchens they just feel is needs to be freshened up. Cabinet refinishing & installation lets you keep your current cabinets but transform them into a whole new look.

There are many unique variations available. Certain coatings can even make your cabinets touch against scratches which makes them easier to maintain as well as clean. With professional cabinet refinishing & installation means you can go from light to dark or vice versa with no problem. A professional knows how to prep your cabinets beforehand and can also check to make sure that there aren’t any cabinet structures or doors that actually do need replacing.
The first step is to contact your cabinet specialist to discuss your vision for your kitchen. Whether you have a look in mind or you need help in determining the best look for your kitchen, your cabinet specialist can handle it all. From prep, to refinishing, to project completion, a professional will handle it all. So they do all the work and you can save yourself some headaches. Best of all you get the kitchen of your dreams in no time.