Why Choose Birch and Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

  1. Why Choose Birch and Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring comes in many options. It is thin yet tough, with a real hardwood surface and plywood or fiberboard underneath it. It is strong and resists moisture well. Here are quality examples of discount hardwood flooring in Houston from Southern Traditions.

Birch Hardwood Flooring Options

The Lakeside Hardwood Flooring Series from Southern Traditions offers a range of beautiful birch options. Birch wood flooring shows the grain beautifully and has a pleasing, modern look. The Livingston option in the series has a slightly distressed look and is artisan hand scraped, with an elegant satin finish.

It has darker brown tones than the Bastrop option, with both types having a 3/8” thickness and width choices of 3”, 5” or 7”, for a great custom look. Install the woods one row at one width and the next row at another width, and so forth, or choose a single width for your entire room in Katy, Houston. It’s up to you!

Also in the Lakeside Hardwood Flooring Series is Mexia. It is hand-antiqued, as re the other varieties in the quality engineered wood flooring series. A birch with hints of red, delightful Mexia will wear well with 8 coats of Valspar finish and a 50-year finish warranty, characteristics the full series shares.

The Buchanan hand-scraped birch wood flooring has a traditional appearance that never goes out of style, and its clean look can transform any room in your home or business space. All options in the series have a 3/8” thickness.

Colonial 5” Engineered Wood Flooring

Southern Traditions also offers a beautiful Colonial 5” series of oak wood flooring with 3/8” thickness. The Williamsburg planks are smooth and elegant in a medium shade of brown. Available in a range of lengths from 15”-48”, it fits precisely to your room’s dimensions when you use our quality hardwood floor installation services in Katy.

The Richmond variety of the Colonial 5” series is luxurious in appearance, featuring a golden look with the same 5” fixed width of the rest of the series. The defined grain of this hardwood flooring species adds warmth and charm to your living room, home office or another living space.

When you want a deeper brown with the Colonial series edge type (micro beveled edges and ends), the Savannah style of engineered wood flooring will be the one for you. The growth rings of the board are stunning and reveal why oak is one of the most popular types of hardwood flooring.

As for the Charleston, the smooth engineered planks have 8 coats of Valspar finish, as with the other options in the series and shares the impressive 50-year finish warranty. The darker hue of the Charleston looks amazing set against a lighter wall color, and the oak is durable even in high traffic areas.

There are many options of birch and oak engineered hardwood flooring. We look forward to installing your chosen discount hardwood flooring correctly for you so that it looks as great as possible and lasts a long time too. Call (Glamour Flooring) in Katy today at 818.963.0878 for a free quote!


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