How to Find Discount Flooring

When remodeling, you’ll find that there are numerous ways to save money. One of the best ways to cut back on costs is to look for discount flooring. Saving a dollar per square foot of flooring can lead to immense savings.

Let’s take a look at a few tricks that will save you money.

Shop at the Right Time

Right before the holiday season begins, people tend to buy new flooring at a rapid pace. This is the worst time of the year for you to shop as prices are often higher or floor supplies are running low. Instead, you want to beat the holiday rush and do it while saving money. So what time of year offers the best discounts? January.

Right after the holiday rush, flooring prices will dip. This is the time of year you’ll find the cheapest hardwood flooring.

Talk with a Sales Rep

The sales rep at your local flooring store, or online will be able to help you find the best deals. You might not need an expensive cherry oak flooring to get the precise look that you want. A sales rep will be able to direct you to alternatives that are far cheaper than premium brands.

If a flooring company has discontinued a specific flooring type, you may also be able to snag a discount.

Some manufacturers also offer yearly discounts which the sales rep will be able to help you with.

Choose Less Expensive Flooring

Some woods are less expensive than others. Even the same wood type may be less expensive when looking at one supplier to the next. Always search around to find the best deals. If you’re not in a major rush, you can always check out monthly specials that offer great deals.

View our monthly specials for steep discounts.

Overstock items or liquidations will provide some of the best discounts on quality flooring.

If hardwood flooring is out of your price range, you may find that laminate or other flooring types work better. Engineered woods have also changed greatly over the years and look much like their real wood counterparts with many enhanced benefits.

Take a complete look at your flooring needs and the various flooring options available. Discussing your needs with one of our sales representatives is a great start. You can contact us online with any questions you have.

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