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If you are interested in hardwood, laminate, tile or carpet flooring for your home, then you can always count on Glamour Flooring Hardwood Floor Store. When we started our company a few years ago, our basic goal was to provide people a one-stop service for all their flooring needs. We serve Katy, TX and surrounding Houston areas. At Glamour Flooring Store Katy TX, we are focused on providing complete satisfaction to each of our clients regardless of the size of the project. We will do our best to make sure that you will get the most beautiful and attractive floors.
Now let’s highlight some of the flooring services we provide and the advantages of each of these services:

Hardwood flooring services

We provide durable and comfortable hardwood flooring that is easy to maintain. Hardwood flooring is a special type of flooring because it has unique properties. For instance, wood has the ability to keep the warmth in your home which means that your feet will never be cold even if you walk barefoot. In addition, it is almost impossible to witness problems like dust mites, mildew or mold on hardwood floors which is not the case with some other flooring solutions. So, if you need hardwood flooring installation in Katy, TX, you can always rely on us.

Laminate flooring services

At Glamour Flooring Hardwood Floor Store, we are proud of the quality of our laminate flooring services. Our team has years of experience in this field, so you can rest assured that we will finish the installation process in a timely manner and that the floor will have the highest possible quality. Many people choose laminate flooring because it comes at affordable price and they can choose from different styles of laminate. This option is especially popular in households where small children and pets live because laminate flooring is resistant to discoloration and scratching.

Tile flooring services

Tile flooring is another popular choice among Katy homeowners. Many people ask us to perform tile flooring installation because they know that this flooring promises good return of investment. It may be a little bit more expensive than other flooring types, but it is less costly when it comes to maintenance. It is almost impossible to stain this type of floor. In addition, they improve the insulation in the home, they are denser and they are extremely durable.

Carpet flooring services

Those who are interested in adding extra warmth and comfort to almost any room in their home in Katy should definitely take carpet flooring into consideration. With Glamour Flooring Hardwood Floor Store you will be satisfied with the huge range of options we have for you. There is no doubt that the feeling that people have when they are walking on carpet flooring is unique. This is also a very durable flooring option.
Don’t forget that you don’t have to choose one type of flooring for your home in Katy. As a matter of fact, most homeowners use combinations of these flooring solutions. Flooring Store Katy TX is Katy’s best choice for flooring. We will work with you from the beginning till the end. This means that we will help you with the process of selection and finish the installation process for you. Feel free to contact as at any time.


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