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Hardwood Flooring Katy TX is rich, tough and it provides a great classic look to the house. Hardwood can be an excellent choice for any room in your house. Hardwood flooring adds beauty and warmth to a room and it helps increase the value of your home as it is highly praised in the resale market. Wooden floors are very durable and with time, they develop a character of their own.

Hardwood floors can stand up to the stresses of the domestic life including pets and children. Wooden floors having the age of over 250 years are still being used today.

There are different styles, colors, types and stains of hardwood flooring available in the market. You also have the option of choosing between the pre-finished flooring and unfinished flooring (also known as finished-on-site flooring).

Hardwood Flooring Options

  • Board Widths: You can select from the narrow strips (having width less than 3 inches), the wider planks (having width more than 3 inches), and the parquet square. Narrow strips are the traditional choice. They make a room look more spacious. Planks give a rustic look. The parquet floors have distinctive geometric design and they are suitable for formal spaces. 
  • Wood Species: The species of hardwood vary in color, durability, and grain patterns. Cherry, oak and maple are the most commonly used species because of their hardness. The exotic woods such as Brazilian cherry and mahogany are not as durable. However, they are prized for the amazing looks.
  • Colors: There is a complete range of colors in hardwood from black to blonde depending on finish and species.
  • Textures: Hardwood floors are available in different textures ranging from ones that look new and shiny to the ones have an antique and timeworn look. Many manufacturers offer the distressed and hand-scrapped hardwoods that are able to disguise the heavy usage over time. Such hardwoods provide an attractive timeworn appearance from the day they are installed. 
  • Finish: Hardwood finishes not only protect the surface, but they also imbue floors with luster and color. Much of the hardwood available commercially comes pre-finished. This simplifies the installation and it eliminates chemical fumes, dust, and the waiting time. Normally the factory applied finishes come with a longer warranty as they last longer and are more durable than the site-applied finishes.
  • Hardness: In case you have a busy household with kids and pets, choosing the hardest species of hardwood is a good idea. Hard species, like red oak, can withstand the wear & tear. The softer species, like pine, can show scratches. The preferred method of installation, sub-floor and the location are the factors that should be considered when making the choice between the solid hardwood and the engineered hardwood. But in case you have a hard time deciding, you should remember that if you chose solid hardwood, you will be able to sand and refinish the scratches from the claws of a puppy or the dings from a baby’s toy. Whichever hardwood you choose, proper maintenance and preventive care can keep the floors looking great for many years.


Hardwood Flooring and Moisture

When installing the hardwood floors, taking moisture in to consideration is quite important since there can be issues, like gapping and warping, due to changes in moisture. In order to reduce the effects of moisture, the moisture levels should be kept within the recommendations of the manufacturer and the right construction of installation materials and hardwood flooring should be chosen. Sub-floor or moisture barrier should be installed in order to provide more protection.

Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood

In case you purchase the hardwood floors, you will need to decide between engineered or solid.

The solid hardwood gets milled from one piece of wood. It can be sanded repeatedly and you can count on it to last for decades. Solid hardwood is a natural material that is susceptible to humidity and temperature changes and it cannot be installed in the damp spaces or below grade. It has to be stapled or nailed to wooden subfloor.

On the other hand the engineered hardwood is made by bonding the layers of hardwood together in cross-grain construction. Greater stability is provided by these layers. Engineered hardwood is able to withstand the higher humidity levels and it can be installed in basements and baths, as well as over the radiant heating elements and concrete subfloors. Fewer trees are used in the manufacture of engineered hardwood as compared to solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood can be glued or stapled, or it can simply “float” (no need to affix it to a subfloor, it can be affixed to itself).

More to Know About Hardwood Flooring

Hardwoods are the gold standard when it comes to flooring surfaces. They can add great value to your home. Hardwood is durable, classic and hypoallergenic. You can refinish the solid hardwood floors again and again.

You should know that the hardwood floors may become gouged or dented, and they are susceptible to water damage. Also, it can be difficult to repair the engineered hardwood floors when they get damaged.

Typically the cost of uninstalled hardwood is between $3 and $10 per square foot. It is a good idea to leave installation to the professionals, although there are some manufacturers that offer the planks that you can lock together for easy glue-less installation.

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