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Laminate flooring installation




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How laminate flooring is made

Are you considering laminate flooring installation but you are unsure if this is the flooring for you? Laminate flooring is the choice for many homeowners but what is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring can give you the look and feel of hardwood flooring or even textured patterns while offering durability and affordability. When it comes to laminate flooring installation it helps if you know how this form of flooring is made.

Laminate floor is multiple layers put together to create the flooring you see. The backing layer is on the bottom and it helps create a barrier to protect the flooring from moisture and warping. The backing creates a solid foundation for the flooring.

The next later is called the inner core. This is what we in Katy, TX call the stability layer. This layer is made of reinforced fiberboard. The fiberboard is reinforced with a special resin that also helps with water resistance. This layer also keeps the flooring flat and stable.

The next layer is the design layer. This is the layer where the image is placed that gives this flooring the look of hardwood or a textured pattern. This is the layer that gives the floor its realistic look.

The last layer is known as the wear layer because this is the layer you are walking on. This layer is clear and protects the flooring from fading as well as stains and damage.


Laminate flooring installation

Whether you live here in Katy, TX or one of the surrounding areas including Houston, TX the advice that you get will always be the same – look to the professionals when it comes to your laminate flooring installation.
Attempting to install laminate flooring is taxing and many find it difficult. Not to mention that you have to be precise because one mistake can mess up the entire floor installation. This is why it is recommended that a professional handle your laminate flooring installation. Professional installers have the expertise that you need to have your flooring laid properly.

Measurements have to be precise. If you have never installed this type of flooring then you don’t understand how specific the installation process needs to be. In addition you may not have all the tools required in order put the laminate flooring down.

Have you inspected your subfloor? If you haven’t or you didn’t know you needed to then you are overlooking a major step. Your subflooring is the main foundation on which your laminate flooring will be placed. So making sure it is ready is important.

When considering laminate flooring installation, consider it an investment. It’s an investment in your homes appearance. If taken care of it can last your family for years to come. So if you live in Katy, TX or the surrounding area consult the professionals and get all your questions answered. There’s never been a better time than today to change your homes appearance. Classic or modern, there is laminate flooring with your name on it.