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Montage Hardwood Flooring  The kind of floor surface you have in your house plays a big role in the appeal it carries especially if you are specific on enhancing the appearance of your property in the interior. Hardwood flooring is one of the best options you can opt for that will help you achieve this and especially the engineered hardwood flooring, which you can find from a Montage hardwood flooring dealer.Here are some of the varieties of the engineered hardwood flooring.


If you need a floor that enhances the natural grain texture of European oak with modern inspiration and timeless beauty, then, this is the best option for you. It comes in various shades including Veneto, Abruzzo, and Milano and the uniqueness of this floor variety capture the European style in the best way possible. These shades are available at Montage hardwood flooring displayfor clients to select what suits them best.


A rustic style of Europe’s Renaissance-era combined with modern inspiration is what this variety avails while enhancing the inherent grain pattern. It is a great representation of the reclaimed European Oak style and comes in three different shades namely Russo, Forli and Marche.


In addition to its thermal treatment properties, this floor variety tries to rejuvenate Old Century décor of the European oak as an artisan hand-crafted distressed flooring style. It comes in three different shades namely Valencia, Castillian and Rhone.


This variety features planks of wood that have been selected, antiqued and aged to reflect the amazing character of European Oak. The rustic style forms a modern inspiration of a lasting floor. The shades for this variety includes the Tuscan, Amalfi, and Taverna and are all available at Montage hardwood flooring in Houston.

Cambridge Estate

It is a great representation of the latest designer styles and is less rustic. The shades available for this variety are Kingston, Aberdeen, and Carlisle.

Cortland Manort

This variety features a timeworn distressed scraped surface that is open grain brushed, and its species include American Hickory and White Oak.

La Casa

This is a handcrafted timeworn distressed flooring variety that features a high-performance Treffert finish. The shades available include Cocoa, Dorado, and Earth.


This is a durable flooring option suitable for areas with high traffic and is easy to install and maintain. The shades available are Genoa, Antique, and Chelsea.

Montana Reverse

The surface of this flooring option emphasizes the uniqueness in every hand-selected French European Oak plank naturally. The shades available are Moneo, Artiga, and Andrade.


When you opt for this variety, you will have less work to do on it because it is pre-sanded and is wider and longer that other unfinished hardwood flooring varieties. The shades include HESC5875WUF, HB975OUN, and P9163OUN.

Villa Tuscana

This variety has a natural appearance that includes micro-beveled edges and it features planks of different sizes and widths that enhance the floor’s stability in addition to the beauty exuded by this characteristic. The shades available include Messina, Lorraine, and Castello.

The European Oak hardwood features an oiled finished floor that protects the floor for it to last longer as well as portray a luster that brings out the ambiance of the surrounding when installed.

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Montage Hardwood Flooring : Houston Hardwood Flooring Company


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