Montage Hardwood Flooring Laurel Collection

Color Options

When looking through the Montage Oak Laurel hardwood flooring options, the color ranges from a lighter grain all the way to a deeper, near black finish.

Abruzzo is the near black matte finish. By reducing the reflective nature of the wood you can see more of the grain in its natural appearance. The texture takes on a life of its own and is a great accent to lighter colored walls. Abruzzo is perfect when you have children and you’re afraid of scuffs or stains as the black hides just about anything, especially if you take proper care of the wood.


Genoa is an almost espresso color. This deep, rich brown is another beautiful option when you want a darker floor. It comes highly recommended when leaving the walls of a room white as the flooring can accent the lighter colors of the room.

If you are interested in a lighter, natural oil finish hardwood flooring, there are three other variations of the European oak hardwood. Veneto and Sardina are extremely close in tone (a light, sandy brown with Veneto being a shade darker), while Milano is the lightest wood. Offering you a flooring option with very little in way of stain, this provides the nearest color to true wood available. So if you like the fresh cut look of wood without any additional colors or stains, Milano is the best option for you. Of course, you should check out the five different styles to see which works best with your home and interior design.

Hardwood Specifics

When looking for hardwood in Houston, you need to find a wood that not only fits your desired color palette but also fits your measurement and construction needs as well. While the wood comes in five different tones and stains, the wood in the Laurel collection share the same basic specs. Each of the five are a European white oak. This way the grain in the wood will be the same. Each plank has a wear layer of 3mm. Keep this in mind if you have children or pets who are prone to scuffing. You’ll want to do what you can to reduce this in order to ensure your hardwood lasts as long as possible. The wood is installed with either a glue, float or staple design, so if you are installing the wood yourself you can select what works best for your comfort level. Lastly, it comes with an eight to 10 percent moisture level. In Houston as you know, it can become humid during the summer months. It is important for you to monitor you humidity level in order to maintain the beautiful appearance of your wood flooring investment.

When you want the very best wood flooring for your home, you need to check out our offering at HF Design. With this CARB II Compliant, FSC Compliant and Lacey Act Compliant European wood, you’ll receive not only beautiful, designer wood but flooring of the highest caliber.

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