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Natural Stone Resurfacing

When it comes to your home in Katy or Houston, TX home, your stone flooring is one of the first things your friends and family see. If your flooring is dull and lifeless it can greatly affect the appearance of your home. This is where natural stone resurfacing can save the day.

Resurfacing breathes new life into your floors. For many homeowners they don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing their current stone floors. So for these people natural stone resurfacing is a viable option. Resurfacing is an investment in your home.


When it comes to natural stone resurfacing there are several methods that can be used. These include:

  • Polishing – Natural stone has been formed through a series of natural processes. That is part of the beauty of these floors. When natural stone is polished it often has a high gloss shine that radiates its natural beauty. If there are light scratches in the surface of the flooring these can often be polished out. Polishing is great for flooring, counters, staircases and more. This is a great method when it comes to restoring the floors appearance.
  • Honing – Honing is a process that can literally give your natural stone surface a satin finished look. Many people like to have their floors honed because this method offers a bit more scratch resistance than a polished floor. That makes this process ideal for areas that have a lot of traffic. Honing is the process of mechanically resurfacing the area using water and diamond abrasives. The combination is what gives the satin appearance. So stone surfaces that look splotchy or uneven in tone can look more uniformed after honing.
  • Diamond Grinding/Resurfacing – If your stone flooring or surface area has extreme scratches that are deep into the stone then the only way to revitalize them is through the process of diamond grinding. This process actually removes a portion of the surface layer of the stone. This process is then combined with honing or polishing to determine the finished look.
  • Lippage Removal – When it comes to natural stone resurfacing, sometimes your floors can be unevenly elevated. This can give the floor an uneven appearance. That is where removing the lippage (the difference in height and leveling) can save the day. Sometimes when flooring is installed and it settles it can create that unevenness. By removing these edges you can level the floor and give it an even appearance.
  • Sealing – In order to protect your flooring the dealing process is one of the most important processes in natural stone resurfacing. Sealing helps protect the finish and appearance of your stone floor.

If you want to bring your flooring back to life but you don’t want to take the time or money to replace it then you may want to consider natural stone resurfacing. Professional refinishers can take your lifeless flooring and make it shine like new. The only thing you need to do is pick up the phone and set up an appointment. The rest of the process is as smooth as ever