Marble flooring is a favorite among the wealthy and evokes images of Rome at the height of its glory. Marble flooring has had cultural esteem for centuries and is the perfect choice for many of our Katy, TX, and Houston customers who appreciate the elegance and calm essence of the dense stone. Premium marble floors are available at Glamour Flooring for low discount prices because we pass warehouse savings on to all of our customers. Our gorgeous selection of complex colors includes carrera white, rojo alicante, and emperador dark.

Benefits of Marble Flooring

Marble is a natural flooring material, and each one-of-a-kind tile floor is uniquely gorgeous. Associated with opulence and aesthetic beauty, there are also many practical benefits of marble tile floors.

• Marble can withstand an extremely high polish, which many of our manufacturers appreciate and take advantage of. As a result of polishing the marble to a smooth shine, the color in the stone is more dramatic and eye-catching.

• The play of both natural and artificial light on marble illuminates the surface of lighter colored stone. There is a somewhat translucent quality to marble which has inspired many sculptors to use the material for great works of art. The striking beauty of darker hues of marble can also be magnified with lighting.

• Marble is a biodegradable all-natural material that is ideal for homeowners interested in making environmentally friendly choices.

• Marble is an extremely dense stone, making it an ideal type of flooring for high-traffic areas. Marble flooring is highly durable and will not break or crack under any type of normal conditions.

• Highly resistant to stains, marble floors are easy to clean and maintain.

• Although marble flooring costs more up front, it can save money over time because it is exceptionally long-lasting. For countless years to come, there will be no need to worry about replacements or upgrades in flooring.


There is a timeless and unfading appeal to marble mosaics and flooring. Many of the mosaics and floors from ancient Greece and Rome are still impressive displays today, providing inspiration for modern spas and gardens.

Our premium-quality marble products are incredibly durable and make sound investments for your home that pay for themselves continually in aesthetics and enduring appeal. Marble tiles and slabs are available in a beautiful array of various colors, including multicolored marble materials with different colors uniquely arranged in each piece. Each tile has its own unique personality that can be more enhanced in mosaic designs.

Marble mosaics are more closely associated with affluence and luxury than any other type of flooring, and they grace countless grand mansions as well as ancient temples. You can choose a vibrant pattern or a design that is ornately tranquil, inspiring a calming atmosphere. The graining and whirling patterns in marble give any room an elegantly fascinating appearance. We believe that your most lofty expectations will be exceeded by our custom marble mosaics.

Premium Marble at Discount Prices

Considering the impressive benefits of marble flooring, it is usually no surprise that it can get expensive. Fortunately, at Glamour Flooring, premium marble tiles are available at budget-friendly prices; it’s because we buy our products wholesale and pass the savings on to you.

Expert Designers and Installers

Our team at Glamour Flooring has been leading the industry in Katy, TX, and the Houston area for years. Backed by our experience, we can create a custom mosaic according to your vision. From the initial design phase to the final polish, our years of experience will bring to fruition an end result that we are confident you will be 100% satisfied with. For a free consultation with one of our design experts, please feel free to give us a call. Enjoy world-class service, real value, and a stunning marble mosaic from Glamour Flooring.