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While hardwood flooring is one of the most desirable types of flooring among our customers in Katy and Houston, TX, and the discounts on hardwood flooring that we offer are excellent, many seek more budget-friendly price points. Low-cost laminate flooring is a terrific option because it offers many of the same benefits as real hardwood flooring, and it’s easier to maintain than carpeting. Check out the overview of low-cost laminate flooring below to decide if it is the right choice for you.

Beautiful Replication Accuracy

Wood is a timeless classic in flooring that will always be in style. For many homeowners, enjoying the open-air look of exotic hardwood flooring is possible only because laminate flooring can very accurately replicate the beauty of genuine hardwood floors. Laminate flooring installation is easy, and some laminates even have the feel of wood, providing a gorgeous complement to your home and decor. Among the laminate options in Katy and Houston, we proudly carry stunningly accurate wood species replicas such as tobacco hickory, walnut, syrup maple, and more. We serve Katy, Houston, Sugar Land and Richmond.

What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a revolutionary material that has elevated consumer options and changed the flooring industry. The beautiful replications achieved in laminate flooring cost about half as much as genuine hardwood flooring; the look and the feel of hardwood are achieved at prices consumers can much more readily afford.
The way laminate flooring is made, essentially, is that four primary components are bonded together in a high-pressure process. There is a backing or bottom layer which helps protect the flooring from sub-floor moisture infiltration; it’s made with melamine plastic and gives the planks dimensional stability. Next is a core board layer made with particle board or high-density fiberboard. Then there is the decorative layer which adheres to the top of the core board and gives the floor its look, whether hardwood, natural stone, or a ceramic tile pattern; it is a printed high-resolution photo. Finally, there is a durable layer which provides stain resistance and protection.

Other Benefits of Laminate Flooring

The top advantage of discount laminate flooring is the low cost, but there are other benefits to installing laminate floors. The flooring is quite easy to install. While there are areas where hardwood flooring isn’t appropriate, laminate flooring can be installed just about anywhere, such as in walkways and on staircases. In addition, laminate can virtually always be installed directly onto any pre-existing floor surface, with the exception of carpet.

Ease of Maintenance

The top layer of laminate floors is highly resistant to stains and very simple to keep clean. These floors can look stunning for many years, with maintenance as simple as sweeping and once-over mopping. The durability of the flooring is affected by how clean it is kept because dirt on the floor contributes to erosion of the layers, over time. In most cases, the amount of routine maintenance needed on laminate floors is minimal.

Superior Customer Service

At a fraction of the cost of hardwood flooring, homeowners in Katy, TX, and Houston can enjoy the timeless beauty and feel of real wood floors, thanks to our discount laminate flooring at Glamour Flooring. The brands that we carry are the finest, such as Eternity, Ayos Laminate, Shaw Laminate, and Mohawk Laminate. Our personable design and installation experts are delighted to assist you with your flooring needs. You can buy our products wholesale with confidence and enjoy remarkable savings without compromising on quality, service, or satisfaction with the final outcome. Call us today to learn more about this wonderful option in home flooring.