Slate is a stunning choice for flooring and home décor for our customers in Katy, TX, and the Houston, TX, area. Previously limited to dark shades of black and gray, slate now comes in many colors. The slate tiles available today are tough and durable and far more versatile than your grandmother’s chalkboard. Not only does slate come in a variety of beautiful shades, it also comes in many sizes and patterns. At Glamour Flooring, we buy wholesale and pass savings on to our customers, which is why we sell slate flooring at low discount prices.

The Many Shades and Styles of Slate

Slate flooring is available in the traditional grays and blacks but also in many rich, earthy tones. Beautiful slate tile shades include desert red, sand, brown, and cream. Some tiles also have subtle mottling or bold swooshes of color. The color of our slate tiles is determined by where on the planet the material was quarried. Slate tile manufacturers tumble or hone the tiles in order to create a slip-resistant finish. The many different colors and sizes of stone tiles can be arranged to create exquisite patterns.

Durable and Attractive

All natural slate tile flooring always has some variation, but there is a range in thickness from one quarter to three quarters of an inch. The thickness of the tiles makes them extremely durable and damage-resistant. The tiles are usually cut into 12-inch or 24-inch squares. The dark shades of slate hide dirt well, and using a dark grout also helps to hide dirt. Cleanup is simple, however, with just a damp mop. The wide selection of slate flooring offers choices that suit every taste, from a rustic look to a sleeker, more modern appearance.


Slate tile is popular with our customers in Houston, TX, and Katy partly because it can be used for many different functions, in addition to being used as flooring. Stone backsplashes are popular, as are stone tile kitchen floors. Stone flooring is also popular on patios and in bathrooms. Unlike ceramic tiles that will retain heat when exposed to direct sunlight, slate stays cool and comfortable underfoot. There are other unique uses for slate, such as along chair rails or on furniture insets. Mosaics that feature small, colorful tiles look wonderful with the neutral background of dark slate.

Hefty Subfloor Required

A reinforced subfloor is needed beneath natural stone tiles because they are very heavy, much more so than hardwood or vinyl flooring. The perfect candidates for slate flooring are houses built on concrete slabs. The natural beauty of slate tile floors is retained even in high traffic areas. Once properly installed, slate will not scratch, stain, or chip easily.

High Quality Flooring

At Glamour Flooring, we offer more than 30 kinds of hand-selected natural stone tiles to our Houston, TX, and Katy, TX customers. Our wide selection of quality flooring includes slate tiles for all of our customers’ decorating and flooring needs. We sell slate tiles and our professional, experienced installers will also install it. We will handle your floor with care. If you would like to schedule a free in-home consultation, give us a call. Slate tile is a timeless look and is very much in vogue, and yet we offer slate flooring at low discount prices. Make your mark with slate tiles from Glamour Flooring.