Travertine floor tiles have been symbols of luxury and sophistication since the glory of ancient Rome. Travertine is limestone which, as a polished building material, beautifully displays the allure of the natural world. Many of our customers in Katy, TX, and Houston choose travertine for their flooring, shower surrounds, and as a backsplash in kitchens. We offer stylish travertine flooring at low discount prices because the savings we get from wholesale buying are passed on to our customers.

Benefits of Travertine

Travertine is a type of limestone with the distinction that it was deposited by mineral hot springs. It is a terrestrial sedimentary rock with concentric or fibrous features; and it comes in several appealing shades – sand, ivory, chocolate brown, and rusty orange and gold. Travertine is frequently used as a building material in Italy as well as in elegant homes in Katy and Houston. More of the benefits of travertine follow:

• Travertine floor tiles, each beautifully unique, are easily differentiated from vinyl tiles, which are manufactured as identical pieces.

• Travertine was formed with a combination of heat and minerals, and the result is a hard, durable limestone. When cared for properly, travertine floor tiles can last for many generations. In the Mediterranean, many of the famous ruins still in existence have survived the test of time because they are constructed with limestone.

• For the environmentally conscious, travertine is an excellent choice in floor tiles and other building materials. The limestone is available in abundance. The easy maintenance of travertine requires no electrical equipment. Simply use a broom and a damp mop to keep the floor clean and well-maintained.

Various Styles and Finishes

There are four different finish styles for travertine tiles:
• Polished travertine flooring has a high degree of shine.
• Honed travertine has a matte finish and no texture.
• Brushed travertine is the textured variety.
• Tumbled travertine creates smooth smaller pieces that can be used to form a pattern.

The most popular types of travertine are honed and polished for baths and kitchens, and textured travertine is frequently used for the purpose of creating stunning artistic accents.

Travertine tiles are natural products, and they are very porous on the back. It is important that travertine floors be installed by flooring professionals because of the immense complexity of the installation process. At Glamour Flooring, we have an experienced installation team that will install your travertine tile so that it lasts for generations; we use high-quality grout, sealer and adhesives.

Top Quality Travertine Flooring

We hand select all of the travertine tile that we sell because at Glamour Flooring we are devoted to bringing our customers the highest quality products available. Schedule a free in-home consultation, and we will show you the many styles and colors of travertine flooring. The samples against the backdrop of your walls and décor will give you an excellent idea of how travertine will beautifully transform your home.

You can have the lasting benefits of travertine flooring by simply choosing your tile color, scheduling a delivery date and installation date, and allowing our experienced professional installers to handle the rest. Your home in the Katy, TX, and Houston area will look like a palace with this timeless natural flooring.

Premium Quality Travertine at Low Discount Prices

The travertine flooring we sell is of the highest quality and fit for royalty, but the discount rates we offer make it available for just about any budget. Because there will be no need to replace or repair the flooring for many, many years, travertine tile flooring is ultimately a cost-effective choice for homeowners in Katy and Houston, TX. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and estimate for gorgeous travertine flooring.