Mosaic marble is infinitely customizable, whether in the home, garden, fountain, or business. There is a sense of intimacy and value to a display of mosaic marble that leaves an enduring impression. Many of our customers in Houston, TX, and Katy, TX, choose the timeless appeal of mosaic marble that can evoke spas of ancient Italy. Premium quality mosaic marble is a sound investment that pays for itself continually and is available at low discount prices at Glamour Flooring.

Benefits of Mosaic Marble

No material is more representative of opulence and wealth than stunning marble. The grandest of mansions boast breathtaking displays of mosaic marble. Whether the pattern is calming and tranquil or strikingly ornate, mosaic marble has unforgettable appeal. Because of the innate whirling and graining patterns in marble, the stone is always both fascinating and elegant.

The many colors of this luxurious natural stone makes it possible to create any vibrant pattern or design. The alluring colors we carry at Glamour Flooring include crema marfil, emperador dark, bottocino, calcutta gold, and carrera white. Marble is an exquisite complement to any home or décor and is unassailable as a renovation material.

In addition to being versatile, marble is an incredibly durable natural stone that will not crack or break, even under the heaviest of traffic. There will be no need for repairs, upgrades, or replacements for many, many years to come, when you choose marble for your home and have it installed by the professionals at Glamour Flooring.

Beautifully appointed mosaic marble is perfect for your kitchen, patio, entryway, bathroom, and anywhere you want the benefits of this versatile natural stone. It is naturally stain-resistant and serves flawlessly as a backsplash and in countless other settings.

Many homeowners today are interested in making environmentally friendly choices. Marble is an all-natural material that is completely biodegradable and eco-friendly.

The potential for a high polish that marble has is unmatched. There is an eye-catching drama to the color in the stone when it is polished to a high shine, particularly darker shades.

Expert Designers and Installers

Our teams of professional installers have been leaders in the industry for years. We have the experience and skill to bring any custom design to life, including any ideas you may have for marble mosaic. We invite our customers’ input, and we enjoy creating every type of mosaic imaginable. Through years of hands-on experience in the field, we are at ease with the process, from initial design phase up to the polish of the finished product.

The go-to flooring company for mosaic marble in Katy, TX, and the greater Houston area is Glamour Flooring. We are confident that we can meet and even exceed our customers’ loftiest expectations.

Schedule a free in-home estimate and consultation, to share your vision for a home remodel and mosaic marble design. Seeing the samples in your home setting makes it much easier to envision the various colors of marble and what the various upgrades will look like, including hardwood flooring, granite countertops, and travertine flooring. We can offer suggestions, if requested, based on our skill and experience in home remodeling.

Premium Marble mosaic at Low Discount Prices

As a material that is the ultimate in opulence, marble can be expensive. At Glamour Flooring, however, you can buy premium quality mosaic marble at low discount prices. We hand-pick our gorgeous stone products, and we believe that our service is second to none. Contact us today for a free consultation, and get the mosaic marble that you’ve been dreaming of.