Mosaic travertine makes for a stunning feature and is a popular choice among our customers in Katy, TX, and Houston, TX. There are many different shapes that can be achieved with mosaic travertine, including original creations. The ambiance created by this gorgeous natural stone is both exciting and peaceful and is suitable for residences and businesses, indoor and out-of-doors.

Benefits of Mosaic Travertine

Travertine mosaic is a gorgeous option because of the inherent beauty in the natural stone. Travertine is formed of sedimentary limestone and includes mineral impurities which create a wide variety of patterns and colors. Since ancient times, travertine has been used to build durable, one-of-a-kind surfaces and structures.

There are many shades of travertine mosaics as well as color name variations. Common within the industry are travertine mosaics in cappuccino, cream, ivory, gold, noche or dark brown, shades of walnut, and chocolate. Chiseled travertine is a reference to the edges. Other finishes, which refer to the surface of the stone, include tumbled, brushed, honed, filled, honed and filled, polished, and bush hammered.

The possibilities for mosaic patterns are limitless. Some of the more popular mosaic patterns include spiral, subway, regular or square, herringbone, sticks, and stagger.

You may choose mosaic travertine flooring for your entryway, patio, kitchen, bathroom, or anyplace else you want its benefits. Naturally stain-resistant, mosaic travertine is also ideal as backsplash and for multiple other functions. Advantages of travertine mosaics include that it is:
• Durable and solid.
• Resistant to weathering, abrasion, and scratching.
• Completely organic and environmentally friendly.
• Capable of being set to any form.

With all of the different hues available and the porosity of travertine that makes it easy to cut in every finish and unique size, travertine mosaics can bring amazing decorative ideas to life.

Part of the expertise we lend to mosaic travertine projects is the careful selection of colors, veins, and tones which create the desired uniformity or lack of it. A growing trend is the use of a combination of colors in mosaic designs. Examples of mosaic travertine designs are Noce-light travertine tumbled basketweave, Pablo travertine natural stone wall tile, and honed cubics classic Picasso travertine.

Quality Discount Mosaic Travertine

We offer high quality travertine at low discount prices because at Glamour Flooring, we pass wholesale savings on to our customers. Our Houston area and Katy, TX, customers know that their savings are multiplied when they buy from us because of the quality of the materials combined with the genuine discount prices. We hand-select beautiful travertine mosaics from locations around the world.

The low discount travertine we sell is truly fit for royalty. This material does not need to replaced for many years to come, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

We are as passionate about providing unsurpassed customer service as we are about choosing quality products to offer at discount prices. Our hope is that by providing beautiful design elements such as mosaic travertine at low discount prices, it can be available to almost any budget in the Katy, TX, and Houston area.

At Glamour Flooring, we love it when homeowners contact us about a decorative vision for their home. We want all of our customers to schedule a free in-home consultation so that samples can be viewed within the home. It is much easier to see how the different materials look in the home’s lighting and against the backdrop of the existing décor and colors, as compared to viewing samples in our Katy store. We know that additions such as mosaic travertine can dramatically and beautifully transform any space.