Quartz Countertops in Houston and Katy TX

Your countertops set the stage for the kitchen. A marble countertop immediately creates interest and a luxurious feel, while granite signals a sleek, confident masculinity. Whichever look you decide on, it is important that the material is high quality so it will last, and that it is manufactured and cut to the precise specifications. If not, the unsightly, rough edge will be a constant distraction. Glamour Flooring in Katy, Texas has a large variety of countertops, prefabricated, and machined slabs, that can help create the exact look and feel you want for your home.

There are a lot of choices for countertops, and while browsing the internet can give you some ideas, it’s best to step into a showroom and get a first-hand look at the materials and feel their texture. Glamour Flooring’s showroom has a large variety of marble, granite, porcelain, and quartz countertops to choose from. Once you see the eye-popping colors of Rojo Alicante, or the demure midnight blue hue of Nero Marquina up close, it will be easier for you to choose the piece that will bring your room together.

Prefabricated or Whole Slab Marble

Our fabrication shop can customize any piece you choose. Whether you are purchasing materials for a fireplace, your spa-like shower, or a countertop that will make your dream kitchen a reality, our shop can customize whatever you need. What’s more is that most jobs take only 7-10 days, so your project can get underway in no time.

Glamour Flooring also sells a variety of pre-fabricated countertops. We have a number of the most popular styles readily available. From eased, crescent, beveled, and full bullnose cut countertops, you can pick the design that you want. Moreover, our pre-cut pieces save you money over buying a full slab. You will not only get the look and cut you desire, but also save money.

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When you are ready, we can even help you with the installation. There will be no going from shop to shop to get your project complete. Our professional team has installed countless showers, fireplaces , and counter tops in the Katy and Houston area for years. If you are seeking high-quality materials at an affordable rate, we can do every part of your project from beginning to end. Call us today to find out how we can help you with your kitchen, fireplace, or shower remodel.


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