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The Ultimate Guide to Regal Hardwoods

Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, putting in engineered hardwood floors is a surefire way to increase your home’s value and add beauty to every room. There are several styles of affordable hand-scraped wood flooring available from Regal Hardwoods.

This hardwood floor supplier is known for its top standards and quality, reliable inventory, which is why we wanted to spotlight them. Each of the planks is hand-scraped to bring out the grain and unique appearance of its particular wood. Here is an overview of Regal Hardwoods’ attractive, unique selection, which we are happy to install precisely for you at Glamour Flooring in Katy, Houston.

American Backroads

The American Backroads collection features four varieties. Amherst brings a raw, weathered look to your family room or kitchen, for a rustic appearance reminiscent of the American frontier. The authentic feeling of these quality planks are enhanced by tinges of white in the 8-ply Baltic Birch floors that are a 1/2” in thickness and alternate between 3”-7” widths.

Kempwood is another variety, multicolored and weathered in character for an old-fashioned look that carries well into the future. It is strong with a 1/2″ thickness that provides longevity and can be installed in many ways, from floating and gun to nail method. Widths between 3”-7” and varying lengths up to 7’ allow for a custom fit into your home or commercial area, provided you use a quality installation from Glamour Flooring.

For a dignified look and darker finish, Dublin is an excellent choice of wood flooring. The rustic charm of the 8-ply Baltic Birch is evident from the moment you enter the living space It wears well, even if you want to sand it later, as it has a 1/2″ thickness and width choices between 3”-7”. Enjoy natural highlights that complement your furniture exquisitely. The hand-scraped design, which is hand-done at Regal, provides a beautiful artistic element to these floors.

Barstow is a reclaimed wood variety that harkens to great times in rugged America and superior quality. As with the other American Backroads varieties, Barstow is an 8-ply Baltic Birch wood with durable 1/2″ thickness and widths of 3”-7”. It has a wax coating that provides a barrier to keep your floors gorgeous for many years.

Olde Time Luxe Collection

Reclaimed hardwoods in the Olde Time Luxe Collection from Regal Hardwoods are beautiful. The Ducale variety has old world charm with its distressed look that gives it a time-worn appearance. Note the knots that provide a unique character in the 8-ply Baltic Birch (1/2” thickness) engineered hardwood flooring series.

Kensington is a lighter variation than Ducale, which shows its knots and authentic cracks of the 8-ply birch beautifully. It has an authentic look that is warm yet rustic, with a durable yet clear wear protection layer in 2mm hickory. A lifetime warranty is included from Regal, for the ultimate customer protection.

As for Winchester, it has an antique, timeworn look in medium brown that easily suits your living room, kitchen, dining room or office. You and your guests will appreciate the genuine look of the knots in the 8-ply Baltic Birch planks that come in varied lengths up to 7’, with a 1/2” thickness each.

Perhaps Versailles in the Luxe Collection is more to your liking, with its brown cherry finish that is enriched by undertones of warm apricot. A limited lifetime warranty from Regal Hardwoods comes with this style, which we can install properly for you in floating, glue, or nail methods. Its 1/2″ thickness and varying widths (between 3” and 7”) give you a custom look when installed to perfection by Glamour Flooring in Houston.

Olde Time Special Collection

The traditional yet cozy appearance of the Olde Time Special Collection holds much value. The Cognac Reserve (SE) wood flooring series has an 8-ply Baltic Birch core with a 2mm hickory wear layer on top, and the planks are 1/2” thick. The golden brown and copper colors hint at a French Oak look that is pleasing on a level not to be understated.

A fun name and quality look for the Hot Tottie (SE) may catch your eye instead. The hand-scraped wood flooring has a beautifully textured look, and the coloring is reminiscent of warm clove and whiskey. Elegant in every facet, this 1/2” thick engineered hardwood flooring comes in lengths of 5”, 7”, and 9”. You get an amazing look that fits into every room of choice in your home.

Crown Royal in the Olde Time Special Collection is a mix of golden browns and copper, giving it an unmistakable charm. It is durable with its 2mm hickory wear layer over the Baltic Birch (8 ply). Several installation types are available for your convenience: floating, nail or glue method. The traditional style carries your home attractively through the years.

Olde Time Collection

If you like heirloom floors but want the traditional look to come with excellent wearability, then Regal Hardwoods’ Olde Time Collection is the one for you. It features warm colors, such as the Bourbon series, with its wide hickory planks. Get a lifetime warranty in the 1/2″ planks that have an 8-ply Baltic Birch core and come in various lengths up to 7’.

The classic hand-scrapped wood of Moonshine is one you will have to scoop up quickly if it appeals to you as it is discontinuing. It is a golden color that brightens any room in your home or business area, with Old Time qualities of 1/2” thickness and 2mm hickory wear layer. The planks all have a 7” width.

The rustic looks continue with Redeye, a darker wood than the Moonshine variety, with red undertones that convey a warm feeling to you and your family. The wide planks of 7” give a classic look, and they are strong with 1/2″ thickness and 2mm wear layer for the 8-ply planks.

As for Amaretto, it has almond coloring, as well as copper, with hints of apricot; the layers of coloring providing visual interest beyond compare. The elegant hickory planks have a textured finish that makes them unmistakably hand-scraped, and the 7” width offers flair.

Walla Walla Valley Collection

Simple style just got even more beautiful with the Walla Wall Valley Collection. The high sheen of it carries into the 7-ply Ozark Highland discount hardwood flooring series, which is affordable yet luxurious. Its brown coloring is reminiscent of Portobello mushrooms, and it has a subtlety to its hand-scraped finish. Install the 3/8” thick planks by floating, glue or nail methods, with the best protection possible, when you use our professional Hardwood Flooring in Sugarland  installation team, located right here in Katy.

Sierra Foothills has a genuine integrity hard to come by, with warm chestnut tones and touches of smoky rye tones. The hand-scraped finish is enticing for the strong wood that has a 7-ply core, 3/8” thickness and comes in several widths for your convenience (3”, 5” or 7”). The random lengths of up to 7” give you the best fit possible for the modern planks in your rooms of choice.

With a gently scraped finish that combines with rich sienna tones and hints of almond coloring, the Canyon Ridge engineered hardwood flooring embodies the feeling of home when laid down in your home. The different widths of the sturdy planks give you the ultimate in customization for the 7-ply wood of 3/8” thickness. For installation methods, there are several: floating, nail, and glue.

A warm medium brown shade with golden highlights, the Redwood Mountain variety is a lovely choice. It has a subtle scrape and high sheen for an enticing look. The wood flooring pairs perfectly with modern architecture and furniture, and the 3/8”-thick planks come with the protection of a 50-year warranty from Regal, so you can sleep soundly at night.

Havana Collection

Strong woods are used for the Cohiba species. Its coloring brings to mind a mix of tobacco and charcoal, which is a warm shade that has the distinctive textured finish of hand-scraped hardwood flooring. The grain stands out so well, no matter where you lay the 3/8”-thick planks, whether it is the hallway, bedroom, living room or another location. Additional features include a 5” width and 2mm hickory wear layer.

The Romeo Y Juliet flooring series is so well named as it is a loving ode of chocolate and auburn shades. The grains shine through in the boldly colored planks of 5” width with 3/8” thickness. The 7-ply core means you can sand it down several times in the future to provide wear over several years. While it is engineered, you cannot tell the difference from the real thing; that shows the excellence of quality.

As for Riviera, it appeals to anyone who loves the look of natural hickory, with light tones and a distinctive hand-scraped texture. This look is classic and domestically beautiful; it never goes out of style. Pair it easily with light or dark furnishings and enjoy the durability of a 3/8” thickness for the 7-ply core planks that each has a 2mm hickory wear layer.

Make a bold statement with Vintage engineered hardwood floors in Hickory with a core that is 7 ply. It has a 2mm wear layer to last you through the years of activity within the home or business area where it is laid. Get the most life out of it by getting a correct installation from Hardwood Flooring Spring TX. We install this warm brown flooring by floating, nail, or glue methods.

And then there is Montecristo, with its toffee coloring that is warm and gentle in appearance, with the unmistakable hand-scraped finish you want to add attention to it. The textures provide a variation to the wood that your guests will love. Each quality plank has a 3/8” thickness, 7-ply core, and 2mm hickory wear layer, with random lengths of a 7’ maximum.

Exotic yet perfect for a domestic setting, the Prado type is a rich brown color that boasts a wonderful hand-scraped finish. As part of the Havana collection of discount hardwood flooring, it has a 5” width, is 7 ply, and its lengths vary up to 7”. These features combine to provide benefits of stability and allow for future sanding multiple times to the white oak species if desired.

Imperial Collection

For a relaxed, luxurious appearance, look to the Imperial Collection of hardwood flooring from Regal. The Black Pearl, for example, has a deep coloring similar to charcoal, with delicate pearl tones that offer a wonderfully balanced appearance. The 7-ply oak planks have a 5” nominal width and 3/8” thickness, with a distinctive hand-scraped finish.

As for the Goldstone oak species, it boasts a lovely grain and golden honey hues that the lights in the room pick up on beautifully. The classic style lasts well through the years, thanks to a 7-ply core, quality wood, and a 2mm oak wear layer for the 5”-wide planks.

Traditional style also comes in the form of Integrity Brown, with its deep browns and warm undertones that give an inviting touch to your home’s living room, dining room or another place where the family congregates. The hand-scraped finish on the white oak is unmistakable, adding texture to the 7-ply planks that are 3/8” thick with 5” width. The scrape marks on the flooring give it a great, custom look; none of your neighbors will have the same floor as you!

Su Vino Collection

For a sophisticated appearance, consider the Su Vino Collection, featuring maple hardwood. The Spicewood variety has a modern look with its warm brown and spicy notes. It is 3/8” thick and has a 5” width, with a range of lengths that go up to 7’. The 2mm maple wear layer gives great strength to the wood planks, even in high-traffic areas like a living room at home.

With Montrose, you get hardwood floors that are inviting with the honey tones and medium brown. As the hand-scraped finish brings out the individual nuances of the wood, your guests will be amazed by its quality look. We are happy to install this discount wood flooring via floating, nail or glue method into your home or commercial space.

Elegant hardwood flooring also comes in the form of Lombardy. This hand-scraped maple wood series is 7 ply, with 5” nominal width and 3/8” thickness. Lengths vary up to 7’ for a unique look that never bores. Dark tones accentuate the cracks and other wonderful features of this wood, complimented by the worn appearance of the hand-scraping, a hand-done process by a team of three craftsmen at Regal. It is a one-of-a-kind method that looks amazing when it’s done.

The character of Vino Tinto is unmistakable. It is subtle, inviting, and stunning in rich amber hues with lighter stroke and hand-scraped dimensions. The artistic look shines through with every plank; there is no mistaking you have a unique, beautiful floor. We can see why hand scraping is seeing a resurgence in the home design sector. The Vino Tino variety comes with a 50-year warranty from Regal Hardwoods for your protection, with 5” width to the quality 7-ply planks.

On the 9ine Collection

Modern meets high design and reasonable pricing with the 9ine Collection’s Brighton variety of hickory engineered hardwood flooring that updates with every season. It has a 3/8” thickness, 5” width and is a 7-ply wood that has varying lengths available up to 7’. The current style is available at the embedded link above.

With Regal Hardwoods’ Boston Ave, the traditional style gets a modern facelift. Note the rich tones of the 7-ply Baltic Birch wood floor species that has a 5” width with 3/8” thickness. The 2mm wear layer finishes with a durable Titanium ScuffGARD, which is great for a busy room or if you have kids or pets.

Do you want a home fit for Western Ave’s high-design qualities? Enjoy a hickory floor that takes your home well through the years thanks to its strong 8/8” thick planks of 5” width, with 2mm wear layer. At Glamour Flooring Expert Hardwood Flooring Katy, our professional installers use a glue, floating or nail method to put the floor in efficiently for you.

As for Vanderbilt Ave, these hickory discount hardwood floors are low-priced and gorgeous. The hickory flooring has dark hues with lighter accents, featuring the hickory wood species that is well-known for being rigid due to its tight grain. It is smooth, with its thickness being 3/8”, random lengths (to 7’ maximum), and a 7-ply core. Each plank has a 5” width in this enticing series.

The On the 9ine Collection’s Huntington Ave is rich in texture and deep in color, making it a great choice for a chic look for your home. The hickory wood is strong and has a tight grain, meaning it will see you through a lot of years. A 50-year warranty is included, for your consumer protection, for these 7-ply, 5”-wide planks.

Wavery is a wonderful white oak hardwood flooring variety with unparalleled richness in its appearance. The 7-ply core combines with 3/8” thick planks for strength. Plus, the Nature GARD hard wax oil finish brings out the wood’s natural highlights, as well as providing a solid layer of protection. The core of the engineered wood is very stable, and it has a wonderful aged look that is very in style in the home design world today.

Take a traditional look and add a modern twist for the Mckinney variety. It is a lovely European white oak floor with a 2mm wear layer finished with Nature GARD hard wax oil to provide the ultimate in protection. Whether you have kids, pets or a high-traffic area, this 3/8” thick discount wood flooring has your best interests in mind and offers a long lifespan.

The Cambridge variation is a European white oak that is timeless in appearance. It is so versatile that you can lay it in almost any room in your home. The wear layer of 2mm and hard wax oil finish by Nature GARD provides you peace of mind as you will have a floor that lasts you well over the years. Its distressed look is very popular with homeowners for use in a range of rooms, and its changes in appearance over time are minimal, which we can attest to at Glamour Flooring.

Then comes the Grandview, a hardwood floor made of European white oak that offers a dramatic appearance that never goes out of style. The 5” wide planks have the distinctive European oak grain pattern that is so desirable by homeowners today. The warm tones are welcoming in a room, with a 25-year warranty included from Regal with your order. Its distressed look is so popular with homeowners for a reason: It looks great!

As you can see, there are several collections of engineered hardwood floors available for your home or business area from Regal Hardwoods. Whether you like hickory, European oak or another type of wood, there are many varieties. The planks vary by size, color, durability and wear over time, so it is best to consult with a professional prior to selecting the hardwood floors for your desired location.

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Trust in our professional, certified team to install the planks precisely and efficiently in your home or office building. We have the expertise to glue, float or nail planks of any grade level (on, above, or below). That flexibility is what keeps many customers returning to us again and again, as does our affordable pricing.

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