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Carpet Stretching and Cleaning

So how many times have you come to your home in Katy, TX and almost tripped over an area of your carpet that is buckled or even torn? If this sounds like you don’t despair because each and every day there are numerous people who are dealing with the same dilemma.

Carpet that is buckling is not only an eyesore but it is also a safety hazard. Those waves and ripples are a sign that you need to have your carpet stretched. If you don’t do this then your carpet will continue loosen which can make it even more of a hazard.


In order to get your carpet stretched properly there are several things that you will need to do. You will want to make sure that you remove all furnishings from the room or area. The room will need to be completely empty.

While many people may attempt to stretch their carpet on their own, if you don’t have the right equipment then you are wasting your time because your carpet will end up buckling again. The right way to carpet stretching and cleaning is to hire a professional.

Professionals will use a power stretcher to get the buckles and ripples out of the carpet. Professional stretchers have a grabber head that grabs ahold of the carpet and allows it to be pulled. This way you can literally pull the carpet from wall to wall.

When it comes to carpet stretching and cleaning many people think that cleaning your carpet pulls on it to the point that it loosens the carpet. This is a fallacy that is simply not true. Carpet cleaning naturally uses water as one of the main components in cleaning. When carpet is wet, as with many other substances, it will swell and form lumps in the carpet. However as the carpet dries it these lumps will shrink back down and the carpet will return to the state it was before it was cleaned. The carpet will not be any looser than it was before you started. Something to remember is that if the carpet does develop lumps that don’t go away and the carpet loosens after cleaning then that means that the carpet was lose before you got started and you probably needed to stretch it to begin with.

When it comes to carpet stretching and cleaning most people don’t know which process should be done first. There really is no rhyme or reason behind which one should come first. What we can tell you is that if you clean your carpets first then you generally want to wait about a week before you have the carpet stretched. Moisture effects carpets in that it can weaken them. So before stretching the carpet you want to make sure that it is completely dry.

Carpet stretching and cleaning can help revitalize your carpet so that you can enjoy it for a few more years. It’s just part of the maintenance process but is an important process. So call the professionals in Houston, TX and bring your carpet back to life.