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Custom Marble Medallions

When it comes to remodeling your home, your floors are one of the main areas that are seen by everyone who enters. It’s only natural that you would want your floors to be a focal point. The foyer of your home is one of the first things that your guest will see. It sets the tone for your home. For many homeowners in Katy or Houston, TX adding custom marble medallions to the home can add a special touch to your flooring.

Custom marble medallions make a statement and are memorable. They can come in a variety of sizes including:

Round – Round medallions can give your flooring and entryway a sleek and smooth look. They add just the right touch to any home, office or other professional complex. These round mosaic designs generally use tiles that are about 3/8” thick. The medallions are like custom works of art for your floor. They are a complimentary piece to any location.

Square – Square medallions enhance the design and look of your space. It’s a great addition to any remodeling process. Whether you are looking for a medallion that highlights your family initials to an eclectic work of art, they are a pivotal point to any home, office or other professional building.

Oval – Oval custom marble medallions can spruce up an area because they break up the hard lines of the flooring or square medallions by bringing the look of soft edges into the room.

Custom marble medallions are great accents for any room. You can get them in marble, tile, slate, travertine and even limestone. The thickness of the tiles can vary according to the area and the design. Many people feel custom marble medallions are generally only found in places like hotels, businesses and casinos but more homeowners today are adding these medallions into the home.

Medallions are not just for floors though. Marble medallions make great backsplashes as well. They are great additions above counters and stoves to protect the area from splashes of grease and steam. They also can turn an ordinary kitchen into some extraordinary.

A medallion can be created in just about any look and design you want. All you need to do is bring in a patter or design you want and you can work with one of the designers to nail down the look you want. If you are unsure of the design you want then talking with a designer will help them come up with a mockup of a design that can be adjusted until it meets your needs. After all this medallion will be the focal point of any room that it is in.

You can use neutral colors or pick from a variety of colored stones. Your custom marble medallions are a work of art. They say a lot about who you are as well as your sense of style. Not everyone has a marble medallion in their home or office so you having one speaks volumes. If you’re ready to get a medallion installed, then it’s time to make a call today. You could have your own marble medallion in no time.