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Frameless Shower Glass

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom in your Katy or Houston, TX home, there are so many options available. One of the focal points in any bathroom is the shower. For those who are looking for a shower design that will set their bathroom a part, frameless shower glass may be the way to go.

One of the first things to take into consideration when looking at upgrading your shower is whether or not you current shower has the ability to convert to frameless shower glass. Once your original shower doors are removed, if you have them, the tile and grout needs to be clean and prepared for your new frameless door installation.


Frameless shower glass has a visual appeal like no other. They highlight any bathroom. In addition frameless showers are easier to keep clean and maintain because the glass itself makes direct contact with the tiles. This helps with eliminating erosion that can easily build up on metal tracks that accompany framed doors. Not to mention framed doors come with a lot of metal parts which can take away from the beauty of the glass. Not to mention it partially hides the tile work which is also a focal point in a shower. Frameless shower glass is a lot heavier than framed door glass so its durability is unsurpassed. Not to mention a frameless shower door can swing inside or out. Plus it is easier to match frameless shower glass to almost any shower fixture.


It is not recommended that frameless shower glass is done as a do-it-yourself project. Because of the weight of glass as well as the preciseness that must occur, this is a professional project. If not installed properly your enclosure can leak or become misaligned. Not to mention you could get gooey caulk, gaskets not fitting properly which all results in a massive leak all over your bathroom. If not installed properly you run the risk of cracking the glass and when that happens you could end up with the glass shattering which means an expensive replacement ahead of you. This is why using a professional installer is a requirement.

When it comes to cleaning frameless shower glass you want to use a squeegee after showering to help cut down on water spots. This can also help with reducing mineral build-up. Some people have even used products like Rain-X which is a surface protector to help repel water. However this should be used along with a squeegee. To keep the hardware of your shower clean it is advised that you use an ammonia-free cleaner glass cleaner. This is what is rated as safe for this type of shower.

Frameless showers are the “in” thing in many of today’s modern bathrooms. They not only are visually appealing but they are easy to maintain. If you want something different then just your traditional framed shower then go for frameless shower glass for a shower that will stand out in the crowd.