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Are you looking for professional hardwood flooring installation services in Houston, TX? When it comes to your home or office, your flooring can say a lot about you. If you’ve done the research then you know that hardwood flooring is a sound investment however if you’re still looking for the perfect hardwood floors then read on.


Hardwood flooring is durable and can last for years if taken care of. Once you’ve picked the flooring you want then professional hardwood flooring installation services in Houston, TX is a must but if you’re still shopping then take these tips into consideration:

  • Exam the Board Width – What type of wood floor width are you looking for? When it comes to wood flooring you can choose narrow strips, wide planks or even parquet squares or rectangles. Strips will give you the illusion of having more space. Planks can give your home or office that rustic look while parquet flooring is great for a more formal look. Installation can sometimes be tricky so be sure to get professional hardwood flooring installation services whether you’re in Houston, TX, Katy, TX or another part of Texas. Professional installation means your flooring was laid down right from the beginning.
  • Look at the Variety in Wood Species – Depending on the species of hardwood flooring you choose, the durability and the look can vary. Each species of wood will have a different duration. In addition the color will be different as well as the grain pattern. Many people choose cherry, maple or even oak wood flooring for their hardness. However for some hardness is not as critical because they merely want the esthetics of the floor so they choose wood flooring like Brazilian cherry or mahogany.
  • Look at the Various Colors – Wood flooring can be light and more of a blond tone or it can run all the way to the other end of the spectrum and appear almost black. Find a color that will work well with your room. Take into consideration the wall color as well as your furniture and decorations.
  • Natural Hardwood Flooring or Engineered? – Natural hardwood flooring is just what it says “natural wood turned into flooring”. It is traditionally milled from a piece of wood about ¾” thick. Wood flooring will expand and contract based on the humidity in the area. Engineered wood is actually several layers of hardwood that is stacked in a cross-grain configuration. It is then bonded together by heat as well as pressure. This makes engineered flooring generally not affected by humidity.


Once you have found the hardwood flooring that is perfect for you then it’s time to look at professional hardwood flooring installation services in Houston, TX. Professional installers understand how natural and engineered wood vary. Did you know that if you select natural hardwood flooring that it is advisable to leave an expansion gap between the wall and the flooring? Professional installers are well versed in wood floor application. They know how to lay the floor properly so that your flooring will last you as long as it possibly can.

Hardwood flooring is beautiful. The key is to find what works for your home or office and then have it professionally installed. At the end of the day, professional hardwood flooring installation will save you time and money. After all, peace of mind is worth it and think of what happens if you lay down your flooring and do it wrong.