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Does your Katy or Houston, TX home need a makeover? Are you wondering what you can do to breathe some life back into your home? The big question is, have you ever thought about interior painting?

Interior painting can transform your home in no time. However if you want to make things easy on yourself then you want to hire a professional painter. That’s because a professional painter knows the ins and outs of interior painting. It’s more than just throwing some tape around the corners and painting.


Professional painters do a number of things when it comes to interior painting including:

  • Prepare your walls for painting.
  • Assist by laying drop clothes to protect carpet and flooring.
  • Will look for areas where mold or mildew may exist and need treatment before interior painting.
  • Patch areas of the walls as needed.
  • Sand patched areas to ensure a smooth surface ready for painting.
  • Remove loose dust and debris and caulk any areas needed.
  • Prime all surfaces to be painted.
  • Clean up when finished.


When looking for the perfect professional for all your painting needs be sure to ask around. Have your friends, family or coworkers used someone that they can refer you to? When you find a few professional be sure to interview them. You want to be sure to ask them the following questions:

  • How long have they been in the painting business?
  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Are they a part of any associations?
  • Do they do the work themselves or do they sub-contract the work out?
  • Do they have verifiable references?
  • What guarantees do they offer for their work?

A professional who specializes in interior painting should always exemplify a sense of professionalism and show common courtesy. When it comes to interior painting, it can be done anytime of the year. While weather may affect the drying times it doesn’t affect the ability to paint the interior.

Professionals will use only the highest quality paints to ensure that you have an amazing finished product. By consulting a professional you will be able to coordinate your wall and trim colors.

When it comes to picking your colors, your professional painter can help you with picking colors that will complement each other and your home. If you are trying to decide on the right colors then remember these tips:

  • Review plenty of paint swatches before deciding on a color. Look at the swatches in the day light as well as in the evening. Also look at them in natural and artificial light so that you can see how the color will look all the time in various lighting.
  • Be sure to pick on main color that will be your focal color and then choose an additional color as an accent color.
  • Remember that darker colors will recede while lighter colors will advance.

Interior painting can give your home a much needed face lift. Painting can change the entire look of a room with just a little work and the right colors. If you are ready to get started then contact your professional right away.