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Mill Work Installation

If you need some renovations in your Katy or Houston, TX home then you may be have heard about mill work installation. So what is mill work exactly? Mill work refers to any sawmill produced material that is used as interior components in a home. These can include things like doors, window casings, baseboards, mantels, crown molding and more.

You can transform an average room with the right mill work pieces. A den can easily be turned into a library with mahogany accents and matching bookshelves. A dining room can get the addition of French doors or you can even customize cabinets as well as custom molding for your bathroom or kitchen.

Quality needs to be in everything that is done but the quality of the wood will be determined by your project needs. Once you know what project you want to professionals to tackle then it’s time to sit down with them and discuss the type and quality of the wood that will best suit the project and your needs.


There are generally three wood grades that can be used:

  • Economy quality is the lowest grade wood. This quality of wood is generally used for things like built-in desks, shelves in a room, etc. These are generally things that don’t have a lot of stress put on them or that may not be used as often. Economy quality doesn’t mean subpar work. The finished product still looks amazing but it just means you don’t need to use an expensive or specialized wood for this type of project.
  • Custom quality grade wood is the type and level of wood that is often used for custom cabinets and specific moldings. So this could include custom cabinets with etched glass or even a custom build kitchen island with a woodblock. These projects take a beating or are used often but they don’t require the use of any exotic woods.
  • The highest quality grade wood is what we call premium wood. This is considered the elite of the elite. It is the top-of-the-line wood on the market for mill work installation. Uses for this quality of wood include premium customs wood works like mahogany cabinets, etches and carved wood panels, formal wooden staircases and more.

You need a professional to handle all your mill work installation needs because if you are doing any major mill work job that require you to alter the electrical or plumbing then a professional knows exactly what codes need to be met in these areas. They can do the job right and to industry specifics.

Mill work needs to be specific so your contractor will take all your measurements to make sure that everything fits properly. By contacting a professional you can discuss your needs and get solution that can work within your timeframe and budget. The first place to start is to set an appointment to discuss your project and what is available to you. A professional will answer all your questions and take care of your needs. You can have a new room or home in no time.