Shower Remodeling in Houston Texas

You most likely use your shower at least once a day. And if you are in a home with large family than that shower is getting used multiple times. Unless you have a recently remodeled shower, your shower is probably looking pretty well-worn by now. And like the kitchen or any other room in your home, if it hasn’t been upgraded in the last few years it can date your home significantly. That bright pink tile, toilet, and tub combo may have looked great in 1950, but styles change, especially after half a decade.

Remodeling a shower on your own can be a large project, and you need to make sure you know what you are doing. If you don’t properly seal and align your tiles correctly, all that hard work isn’t going to last long. A few unsealed areas can create swelling underneath your new tile shower, or worse, moisture can become trapped behind the tiles and cause water damage to the framing. Once the underlying structure of your shower is damaged, you will have to invest significant money in ripping your shower out completely.

Shower Installation

You may be dreaming of a modern-looking shower with frameless glass panels, but cringe at the thought of installing it yourself. Unless you have experience doing bathroom remodels, it is best to leave it up to trained professionals. Fortunately, Glamour Flooring in Katy, Texas has been doing shower remodels like these for years. Our team has worked on jobs both big and small. From full tear downs to simple updates, we can create a contemporary look for your bathroom. Let the pros at Glamour Flooring handle it.

It’s not just your own shower that may need an update. If you own a showroom, then having outdated designs and materials isn’t going to do much for your business. The last thing a customer wants to see when they walk into a showroom is a shower look that is older than what they currently have in their own home. Glamour Flooring also can help with professional showroom installations. We have years of experience installing showers using high-end materials like quartz, travertine tile, and marble. Our team will handle the entire process from start to finish. We ensure that each piece fits perfectly and that your showroom will not only draw customers in, but having them saying, “I want that!”

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Whether you want to update your own home’s shower, or you have a showroom that needs some much-needed TLC, call the professionals. When you are ready to ditch the dated look (like that pastel pink) and bring your home into the modern century, then a great place to start is a room you use every day—your bathroom.


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