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The Beginner’s Guide to European Oak Hardwood Flooring

For your next wood flooring project, you may want to consider the European Oak variety, which is also known as French Oak. It is a desirable type of hardwood flooring for both its unique design and high functionality.

European Oak gets its distinctive look from the way it is cut from the log. The process involves removing a square from the log’s center and slicing straight through it to get a tighter grain. The method creates a wider plank than many other floor types and you can even get multiple types of cuts in one plank.

Two popular brands of engineered wood flooring are Amazon and Urban. Here is a guide to 6 series of discount hardwood flooring from these providers, so that you can determine which one appeals most to you in your home or commercial space.

French Oak Series from Amazon Wood Flooring

The Stile Series offers a range of contemporary European Oak flooring. The Quercus in Malaga color is an 8-ply engineered wood flooring with a 5/8” thickness and 9-1/2” width.

Investing in a thicker wood, such as this one, increases your success at refinishing it at a later date, if needed. The wider planks combine with a brushed, smoked texture and white wash style for a modern look in demand by many homeowners.

Another option is the Modani Series of classic European Oak hardwoods. The Quercus species in Mirandola color, has a 5/8” thickness and 7-1/2” width. The 8-ply engineered wood flooring adds warmth to any room.

Enjoy a high degree of stability with little maintenance other than sweeping it. The wire brushed, smoky finish with white wash style is trendy, eye catching, and creates a spaciousness look.

As for the European Oak Quercus from the Rome Series, it has an attractive light finish in the color Via Panama. With a thickness of 5/8” and 9-1/2” width, the 8-ply engineered wood flooring has a brushed, smoked texture to it. The white wash style brings out the wood grain beautifully.

If you prefer birch, the Betula Series is stunning, with a Moura color option. The 7-ply engineered wood flooring looks luxurious with a heavy brushed texture. Its dimensions measure ½” x 7-1/2”  x RL 1.5’ – 6’, and it is an easy-to-clean flooring option.

Urban Floor’s European Oak Series

Alternatively, you may head over to the discount hardwood flooring options at Urban Floor. The Chene Series includes the Riesling variety of radiant, ivory boards that are low maintenance and perfect for high-traffic areas in your home or business space. It looks great and is practical too.

As for the Composer Collection, check out the wire-brushed Brahms selection that has a roomy 11.5” width for its European Oak hardwood boards. They are sand blasted and have a high color variant after undergoing a three process staining process, for a visually attractive floor. Wear resistance is strong for this series.

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