Top Houston Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2015

Flooring trends never remain static. What’s in today may be out tomorrow. Consumers are always changing their desired tastes and wanting the latest and greatest in flooring. For the coming year, some exciting trends are already in full force. So, what hardwood flooring trends in Houston are hottest going in to 2015?

Grays are in Style

Contemporary looks are becoming more and more popular. Slight gray tints and tones make this the perfect choice for homes. A timeless color and look, gray flooring matches most any décor and comes in a variety of woods. Maples and birch are among the most popular.

Bamboo is Hot

The bamboo flooring look is very popular. Not only is this seen as an exotic flooring, but it does have one major advantage over your normal hardwood – durability. The strength of bamboo is significantly stronger than most woods leading to less wear and tear. Exotic grains and colors are also popular this year in Houston & surrounding Texas markets.

Dark Colors

Much like the grays, dark colored woods are becoming more and more popular. While harder to maintain, these woods are aesthetically pleasing and in style. Ebony stained woods are among the most popular and add a chic, stylish look to any home or office.

Oil-based finishes work best on dark floors.

Browns and Gold

Red and oranges are becoming less popular. Now, browns and gold are in style. These colors are flexible and will allow for a variety of décor options that reds and oranges did not offer.

Finish Options

Have finish tastes changed at all? Upscale homes in Houston are moving towards having their flooring finished on-site. An expensive option, the flooring is installed, sanded and finished all in the home. While costly, this provides a more natural look, better sealing and finish consistency when going from one room to the next.

Traditional finishes, such as satin and matte are also in style. The glossy look that was immensely popular the past few years is proving to show too many flaws leading to consumers wanting to move away from the glossy look.

Classic, rustic flooring is still as popular as ever. Vintage flooring, often from reclaimed wood, is also a popular choice and one that is very affordable. Matching the design of your home to the newest trends is a breeze. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find an impeccable wood that breathes life and vibrancy into your space.



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