Water Proof Flooring SPC in Houston, Texas

Gone are the days wear laminate flooring couldn’t hold a candle to the natural look and elegance of a solid hardwood floor. Today’s laminate floors can not only replicate the look of hardwood, but also easier to maintain Like hardwood, there are different features and grades of laminate flooring. You’ve probably come across abbreviations like WPC or SPC laminate flooring while trying to research more about your options. If you want to learn about the differences, and what these abbreviations mean, you’ve come to the right place.

What is SPC Flooring?

One of the best waterproof laminate flooring options is SPC, or stone polymer composite flooring. SPC has a few advantages over WPC, or wood polymer flooring. SPC, although thinner, is more resistant to harder impacts than WPC. So, if you have an area that has large appliances, SPC flooring may be the better choice.

For areas that have temperature fluctuations, like your garage or basement, the solid core of the SPC will be hold up better to the constant contacting and expanding that occurs with temperature fluctuations. SPC flooring can also be installed on a variety of surfaces and levels, including stairs. Another advantage of SPC flooring over WPC, is that it is cheaper. You still get water proof flooring, but for cheaper price.

How is SPC Flooring Constructed?

SPC is composed if several layers ;aminated together. Most floors have at least four layers, such as:

  • Wear Layer—This is a clear top coating that protects the vinyl plank from scratches and stains
  • Vinyl Top Coat—This waterproof layer has the texture and pattern, such as hardwood, stone, marble, and many more design options
  • Core—This is what makes the floor completely waterproof and sturdy. The core is made up of a combination of stones, such as limestone, and plastics
  • Base layer—This bottom layer is either made of cork or a cushioning foam, like EVA. Some SPC vinyl floors may also come with attached underlayment

SPC Flooring Installation

SPC flooring maybe waterproof but is still needs to be installed correctly so that your floor will last as along as possible. There are different grades and quality of SPC flooring, so buying it from reputable dealer is important. With something as important as floor that you use it daily, you want to ensure you are buying quality product and having it installed correctly. Fortunately, SPC flooring is great choice, as it comes with attached padding, and if you need a little help, Glamour Flooring has been installing SPC and all types of flooring in the Katy and Houston areas for years. When you are looking at material choices that are both affordable and that will hold up to excessive moisture, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality SPC floor.


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